Micha Bar-Am – High Security Prison, Beit Lid 1969

Artwork by Micha Bar-Am:

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High Security Prison, Beit Lid 1969 by Micha Bar-Am.

© All rights reserved by Micha Bar-Am.


Micha Bar-Am, at the Berkeley School of Journalism 1998 (Photographer unknown).

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Commentary:  The first photo above is of an Israeli prison that was adapted after the Six-Day War of 1967 to house those sentenced for crimes against national security.  The photograph is easily interpreted as showing the inhumanity of environments where nations put their enemy combatants.

Sometimes sexuality and morality are effected by worlds in which sexual contact is absent, forbidden, or impossible.  Some people self-select to place themselves into those worlds.  Others are put into those worlds against their will.

Sometimes the value of something is remembered in its absence. 

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