Things That Could Not Be Improved # 2: Thomas Buechner’s Painting, An Enthusiastic Wedding Cake Ornament, American Ballet Theatre’s 2006 Program, cher m’s 6×6 pinhole, Katie Lancaster’s Hug, Jeff Smith’s Shazam, Howard J. Backen’s Wide Open Environments, and one more Annie Leibovitz study of Patti Smith

This is the second edition of “Things That Could Not Be Improved,” a grouping of things that need not be, or could not be, improved.  I’m not a proponent of perfection, but I love seeing such well conceived and well crafted artworks:

Thomas Buechner painting:


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Wedding Cake ornament photo:


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American Ballet Theatre’s Program in the Summer of 2006:


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Photo by cher m:


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“Okay hug for the big guy . . .” photo by Katie Lancaster:


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Jeff Smith’s Shazam:



Buy this book!  (I did.)  It’s smart.  The colors are so good I want to grab a spoon and eat them like ice cream.  It has a great tale for all ages, and the political subtexts are apropos.

You can probably find the book at your local comic book store.  It’s also available on Amazon:

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A beautiful flow-through architectural design by Howard J. Backen:


Here are more of his wide open residential designs:

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A new Annie Leibovitz image of Patti Smith:


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