Greenberg, The Attractiveness of Intelligence, How Long Does Romance And Passion Last? My Problem With Alcohol and Responses To Circumstances


Tonight, I am re-watching the great 2010 film “Greenberg,” starring Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig.

What?  You don’t remember Greenberg?  You never heard it was a great film?

Well, maybe most people don’t think of it as a great film.  In fact, IMDB users only give it a 6.2 out 10 stars.  But I think it’s a great film.

Greenberg is like a “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” for men of low social-intelligence.  What “Curious Incident” was for people with Asperger’s range behaviors, “Greenberg” is for the common, modern American, socially-insensitive and often-clueless male.  I am very fond of the film because I relate so well with the lead character, the socially unintelligent (recently was released from the mental hospital) character “Roger,” played by Stiller.

To me, the film reminds me of how so many men are ignorant and dysfunctional – so self-focused they lack almost all appropriate empathetic perceptions and responses.  And Greta Gerwig, who plays “Florence,” beautifully portrays an example of how women are commonly amazing.  Men are undeserving of their companionship.

Greenberg is not stupid.  He is not low IQ.  He is also educated.  He can write well.  He is well read.  He is well-versed in popular cultural references:  from popular music to literature to politics.  He knows great amounts of knowledge and facts, but his ability to process data is . . . broken, impaired.  Maybe it never developed.  Maybe his mental illness or inabilities will always prevent him from processing information well.

Like me, he writes his mental frustrations out.  He sends his complaint letters to Mayor Bloomberg, American Airlines, Pet Taxi, The New York Times, and Starbucks – raging against the inequities he perceives.

If you’ve ever been in love with someone who was not always reasonable or clear thinking, the film Greenberg “gets it” and feels right and familiar.


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The Attractiveness Of Intelligence

As much as anything, I’ve been attracted to women who were uncommonly intelligent.

And over time, the women I’ve remained attracted to are women of uncommon intelligence.

There’s a theme somewhere there.

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Everlasting Love

The most popular opinion post on The New York Times this week was a post suggesting how intense love is very short in duration for most people:

I have to disagree with that post.

I am not like most people.  My desire has not lessened.  My love has not diminished.  My passion has not subsided.  My romance with the specific person is not gone.  My romance with romance has never burst.  Maybe it is because I’ve been unreasonably lucky in love.  Maybe it is because of me.  It is hard to determine the reasons why.  It is at least the former, but probably also some of the latter.  I actually still believe in and enjoy the pursuit of romance.

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My Trouble With Alcohol

Alcohol is sometimes what some people alternatively consume when they are not able to consume what they would prefer to consume.

And some people get drunk, when they are unable to do what they’d prefer to do.

I cannot drink, because I never forget my fragility.  I have tried to drink, but the “ability” is not in me.  I am so weak I cannot bear to ingest things I know break me down internally and make me weaker. 

Who would drink so much so often, knowing it has weakened or may weaken their health or permanently destroy core physical abilities? 

Who?  Why?

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There are some people who grow up with terrible circumstances, yet their lives and communities end up being delightful as a result of their responses to those circumstances.

There are some people who grow up with wonderful circumstances, yet their lives and communities end up being miserable as a result of their responses to those circumstances.

In either case, the results may have very little to do with the circumstances and a great deal to do with the person’s behaviors, mindset, demeanor, and responses to their circumstances.

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Like I said, Greenberg and I have a lot in common.

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