There Would Be No Batman If He Was Not First The Billionaire Bruce Wayne

There Could Be No Batman If He Was Not The Billionaire Bruce Wayne Boardroom 

I don’t know how to advise an artist how to do their work or how to prioritize their work.

I do know how expensive life tends to be.

To artists who can live on simple means and “do without,” I salute you with sincere respect.  But most artists, like most normal people, have tremendous ongoing living expenses.

I’m not the kind of person to encourage a person to be a starving artist.  I tend to think artists tend to make better artistic choices when they can choose whether or not to create something, rather than when they are forced to create something because they need to pay their mortgage and bills.

I’m also not someone who encourages people to pursue artistic pursuits before or to the detriment of their pursuits to financially care for the people around them.

As artists and creators, we still live in a world with immense ongoing expenditures.

We live in a world that constantly is asking us for more money.  Conceding this reality, I believe it is important to understand how to make money.  And while there are many ways to make money, I don’t know how to advise the average person what means they should use to make money.  I wish you the best at finding a career you enjoy that helps you make sufficient money to cover your living expenses and other pursuits.

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