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Traveling Roads Not Taken

Artwork by Meghan Adriel Dwyer. © All rights reserved Meghan Adriel Dwyer. – – – - “I Once Knew A Girl” ~ by OneMoreOption I once knew a girl She didn’t want to… Continue reading

Michael G. Magin

Artworks by Michael G. Magin: (Click on the images if you wish to view them individually or larger.) © All rights reserved by Michael G. Magin. – – – - Most Recent Artworks - All the… Continue reading

Are We Still Chasing Amy?

The premise of Kevin Smith’s 1997 film was that the lead male character had big problems with the sexual history of his girlfriend.  His girlfriend had extensive sexual experiences with men and women,… Continue reading

A Persistent Subconscious And The Limitations Of Charm

The above artwork is by po-pad. (Click on the image if you wish to view it individually.) © All rights reserved by po-pad. – – – - Last night I had a long nightmare. My… Continue reading

Watch, Men. Understanding The Heart Of A Story

(Click on the images if you wish to view them individually.) “Watchmen” is a brilliant story and film.  I recommend it to anyone who enjoys asking tough questions and discussing possible answers. I… Continue reading

On The Importance Of Writing Your Own Memoirs. And Jane Fonda’s Relationship With Her Mother, Frances Ford Seymour

I am probably less often a writer and more often a medium.  I don’t write many original ideas.  More often, I selectively channel, interpret, and share others’ ideas. I regularly write correspondence with… Continue reading

A Muse Amuses

  The above artwork is by the artist “Bengal.” © All rights reserved by Bengal – – – - A Muse Amuses  by OneMoreOption A common characteristic of a muse is that she… Continue reading

Sadness vs. Depression – Anonymous Criticism – Suggestions For Bloggers

Sadness vs. Depression Someone wrote to me this week the following comment in response to my post titled: Things I Cannot Say – Understanding Differences Between Depression And Grief That Are Sometimes Misidentified… Continue reading

Katie Lee – Reflecting Truth – A Lady Always And Never . . .

Artworks by Katie Lee, a.k.a. “Reflecting Truth”: The above artwork is titled “A Lady Always Dresses For Her Body Type”. Katie Lee on Flickr (Click on the images if you wish to view them… Continue reading

Living In An Era That Still Benefits From “Fictional” Heroes

“Superman” created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The above painting is titled “Superman”.  It was created by the brothers Tim and Greg Hildebrandt. (Click on the images if you wish to view them individually.) -… Continue reading

Lisel Mueller And Alice Munro – On The Laughter And Voices Of Some Women

“Sometimes we characterize what we have written as ‘fiction’ so we don’t have to reveal that what we have written actually occurred to us.” – me, I said that. I’ve been privileged this holiday season… Continue reading

Karen Kilimnik & Responsive Beauty

Artworks by the artist Karen Kilimnik.  Kilimnik on Wikipedia Karen Kilimnik at 3 0 3 G A L L E R Y  (Click on images if you wish to view them individually.) © All… Continue reading

Séverine Pichon – Sitcom & Heartbreak

This post is on two series of artworks by the artist Séverine Pichon.  The above artwork is titled “Sitcom 1″.  It is a part of her “Sitcom” series of photographs.  Like many sitcoms,… Continue reading

A muse without wit is . . . unlikely

The above artwork of Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler is by Annie Leibovitz. – – – - Amusing Muses A muse without wit is . . . unlikely. Muses are often… Continue reading

Sexuality in the Arts – Some Personal History – Don’t Stop Believin’

I was a late bloomer to the worlds of sexuality.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my first girlfriends. I think one of my motivations for maintaining this website is so that… Continue reading

On Purpose

Artworks by Jimmy Beaulieu. Words by OneMoreOption. The physical affections, emotional connections, and sexual interactions I’ve experienced in real life have been better than I have been capable of imagining in my imagination… Continue reading

Starting Points For Better Understanding Jane Austen

When Jane Austen wrote, she lived in a world where the vast majority of books and novels were written by men.  She was an avid reader and novel reader. Her writing, her drive… Continue reading

Shake Your Money Maker

The above artwork is by allegory in red. © All rights reserved by allegory in red. – – – - Shake Your Money Maker Some people communicate well using written words. Some using… Continue reading

Missy Higgins – Where I Stood

  “Where I Stood” lyrics by Missy Higgins I don’t know what I’ve done Or if I like what I’ve begun But something told me to run And honey, you know me It’s… Continue reading

Megan McIsaac – Always Love

  Artworks by Megan McIsaac: (Click on images if you wish to view them individually.) © All rights reserved by Megan McIsaac. Megan McIsaac on Flickr – – – - Most Recent Artworks   All… Continue reading

One More Lesson From Anne Frank – Friday April 14, 1944

An attribute of a great work of literature is that the older you get and with each new reading, you discover new ideas.  Great books enlarge and become wiser with you. My last post… Continue reading

Anne Frank’s Thoughts On Sex Education – March 18, 1944

At the age of 14, Anne Frank wrote these private thoughts in her personal diary on the topic of sex education. Saturday, March 18, 1944: “I’ve told you more about myself and my… Continue reading

Before You Get Too Excited: A Focus On Developing Relational Skills First

Before you get too excited about defining yourself as primarily heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or other, my recommendation is to first work toward developing extensive and diverse skills to be relational. What is meant… Continue reading

Lucy Howard-Taylor – Biting Anorexia – A Book Review

This is a review of Lucy Shena Howard-Taylor’s book “Biting Anorexia: A First Hand Account Of An Internal War” Before I begin the review, here are a few contextual comments: I first became aware… Continue reading