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Infrequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why did you create this blog? OneMoreOption (SIA):  I tend to visit websites where there’s at least a remote possibility that I might find something worth remembering.  And as easy as that… Continue reading

Hey Eugene! – Nellie McKay & Pink Martini – The Importance of Not Forgetting To Be Humorous . . . Oh, & P.S. I Love You

Today on Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviewed musician Nellie McKay. “Basically, I like music by dead people.” – Nellie McKay. Terry Gross:  Your mother carried around a dummy wallet for muggers? Nellie McKay: … Continue reading

Responding To Several Recent Thoughtful Comments

There have been more comments than usual in the last few days, and I thank everyone who has taken the time. – – – - I’ll start with the most recent comment, the… Continue reading

Romance – One More Definition

Romance - n. – a human desire for the world to be more intent on kindness, emotions, sensory connections, and love. Above Artwork by rougerouge. (Click on images to view them individually.) – – – -… Continue reading

Xavier Ramonède – XAV – Lusts For Life – 1 of 2

Artworks by Xavier Ramonède, aka “XAV”: (Click on images to view them individually.) © All rights reserved by Xavier Ramonède. – – – - Most Recent Artworks   All the Artists’ Artworks… Continue reading

Innovation In Art – There Are Good Reasons Why We Place More Value On Human-Crafted Artworks Than We Do On Mirrors

The above drawing is by me.  It is from a photo of George Harrison taken by Pattie Boyd. Sunshine is more than just love.  It is illumination, warmth, growth, renewal, new days .… Continue reading

Bruce Springsteen – Silence is Unpatriotic

Bruce Springsteen was interviewed recently on 60 Minutes.  The entire audio of the interview can be found in the 60 Minutes podcasts on iTunes.  The transcript of the interview and video excerpts can be found… Continue reading

Jerry Seinfeld – Intelligent Intentional Coordination of Comedy, Music, Creativity, and Fun

In the current November 2007 issue of GQ, Jerry Seinfeld shares some profound ideas about the nature of comedy, humor, creativity, and fun. Here are excerpts from the excellent interview of Jerry Seinfeld,… Continue reading

Brian Fies – Mom’s Cancer – It’s Sometimes Hard To Tell The Poisons From The Cures, Because Sometimes They Are The Same Things

© All rights reserved by Brian Fies.  This is a review of Brian Fies’ graphic novel, Mom’s Cancer: 5 out of 5 stars.  “What to do when pain rips through our brains like… Continue reading

Alison Bechdel – Fun Home – An Epic Journey Toward Honesty

When your father is an exacting home renovator, meticulous interior decorator, local mortician, high shcool English teacher, and closeted homosexual, who you suspect likely had sexual relations with adolescent boys – if you’re… Continue reading

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Homosexual Question and Answer: Ahmadinejad Reports Iran Has No Homosexuals or the “Homosexual Phenomenon”

Ahmadinejad said of the Holocaust these two conflicting statements, “Granted this happened,” and “There’s nothing known as absolute.” If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s defense of doubters of the Holocaust wasn’t enough today, this interchange was revealing… Continue reading

Feist – 1, 2, 3, 4, a high school musical

“1 2 3 4″ lyrics by Feist:  One two three four Tell me that you love me more Sleepless long nights That is what my youth was for Oh teenage hopes are alive… Continue reading

Things That Could Not Be Improved # 6: ATOMDesign’s Hammer for Vaughan & Bushnell, Rumi Poems, Jonathan Zimmerman’s Dome Home, Robert “Bob” Conrad Album, Mork & Mindy Stickers, and Happy Slave Leia

This is the 6th edition of “Things That Could Not Be Improved,” a grouping of things that need not be, or could not be, improved.  I’m not a proponent of perfection, but I love… Continue reading

Marcus Aurelius, Part 3 of 3

Words and Ideas by Marcus Aurelius: “It is in your power to restore yourself to life.  Look at things again as you once looked at them, for this will bring you new life.” … Continue reading

The Blow – “Parentheses” Lyrics

This self portrait idea appeared in my head while listening to The Blow’s song “Parentheses” on a walk this morning. I recommend their music.  It is very, very smart. “Parentheses” Lyrics by… Continue reading

Things That Could Not Be Improved #4: Deadly Robert Downey Jr., The Blow’s “Come On Petunia,” Emily Dickinson, Pavel Wolberg, Musadeq Sadeq, Samuel F. B. Morse, and Doug Sneyd

“Junior . . . Robert Downey Jr.” This is the 4th edition of “Things That Could Not Be Improved,” a grouping of things that need not be, or could not be, improved.  I’m… Continue reading

Woman on Top – A Creative and Intelligent Romp

Isabella, the lead character played by Penelope Cruz, instructs her cooking students: “I will show you what inspires me in the hope you will find your own inspiration.  Okay? I think that to… Continue reading

Things That Could Not Be Improved #3: Star Wars’ Candids, Elizabeth Henry Self-Portrait Maybe For Her Mother, cantwork’s intimate moment, Savin Couelle’s Tatooine-esque Interior, Amarle Viele’s Matrix Kitty, and Lydie’s “Women’s Only” Beach

Candid outtake from the making of the original Star Wars film. This is the 3rd edition of “Things That Could Not Be Improved,” a grouping of things that need not be, or could not be,… Continue reading

Please don’t try to put blinders aside her eyes, because she sees beauty others could not see in you . . . in others . . . and in so many misfit toys

This is a review of Icíar Bollaín’s movie: “Take My Eyes“ 4 out of 4 Stars. © All rights reserved by the respective artists. – – – - “I had erased her personality”… Continue reading

Stephanie – express train – A Muse of One’s Own, Part 2 of 3

Artworks by Stephanie, aka “express train:” (Click on the images if you wish to view them individually or larger.) © All rights reserved by Stephanie. express train on Flickr I think Stephanie’s work… Continue reading

Sexuality in Art – Currently banned in Turkey by TTNET

A man from Instanbul wrote the following note to me on my flickr account: Subject line:  Ridiculous! Isn’t it? (He gave me the link to the below image that he posted on his flickr page)… Continue reading

Mike Wieringo – A Tribute To His Intellect, Compassion, and Artistries

I had other posts written and ready to post today, but I was going down my regular visiting pattern of blogs and web pages and discovered a tragedy:  Mike Wieringo, one of my heroes,… Continue reading

Things That Could Not Be Improved # 1: Mitchell Breitweiser’s Captain America, New Buffy The Vampire Slayer “Essence of Will” Statue, Martha Plimpton’s MySpace, Laurel Maury’s SIP Comment, & Gingermiss Is Still Going . . .

I have a confession to make:  I don’t always think about sexuality & love in the arts.  Sometimes I think just about art.  And other times I think just about sex. Humor aside,… Continue reading

Pink – P!nk – U + Ur Hand – You and Your Hand Tonight – Stupid Girls – Dear Mr. President – Modern Feminism

“U + UR Hand” Lyrics by Pink, aka P!nk. Check it out, going out on the late night Looking tight, feeling nice, it’s a cock fight I can tell, I just know, That it’s… Continue reading