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Two Of The Most Famous English Poems

“We’ll Go No More A-Roving” by Lord Byron So, we’ll go no more a-roving So late into the night, Though the heart be still as loving, And the moon be still as bright.… Continue reading

The Games We Choose To Play

Don’t expect humanity to be good. Instead, be a force for good in humanity. – - The Games We Choose To Play When I was a boy, I loved to play all kinds… Continue reading

As 2013 Comes To A Close, Some Thoughts On Sexuality And Sexual Mores

The following statements remain in contention for many people: • Homosexuality is not a sin. • Bisexuality is not a sin. • Having sexual relations with more than one person simultaneously or intermittently… Continue reading

Running, Achilles Always Nipping At My Heels

When my father was about 33, younger than I am now, he completely severed his Achilles’ heel while playing basketball.  He had surgery to repair it, but he never played basketball again. Today,… Continue reading

The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need?

Friday may not have been a great day for the US economy, or for the average US citizen financially.  But wow, it was a great day for US stocks. As a kid in… Continue reading

What Can You Do With The Bad Endings?

To add “the human ingredient” is to add an effort and intent to make sure that as many things as possible do not end badly. I had a friend who liked to point… Continue reading

Adventures In Writing #2: Hope Exists Where You Create It

I will begin with gratitude:  Thank you for the new followers and Facebook likes.  Thank you for the words of encouragement. – - Someone once told me there was a saying that went something like… Continue reading

A Pleasant Environment And A Pleasant Person

What are some common elements that are needed to create an experience that will lead others to want to return to it again? A couple hours after getting a massage from a massage therapist… Continue reading

Co-Writing A Relationship Story

When you’re in a relationship, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, you’re often co-writing a story.  Usually the story is not as narrowly plotted or aimed as a traditional mystery, non-fiction,… Continue reading

Life Is Music

It doesn’t matter if a musician is an excellent craftsperson if the musician doesn’t try to play well.  If a musician is regularly giving their audience apathetic or incongruous facial expressions, communications, and body… Continue reading

Willa Cather: An Individual’s Desire To Control The Portrayal Of Their Own Story

As many English majors know, the famous American author Willa Cather gave explicit instructions in her will that her personal correspondence was not to be published posthumously. Not until this year, some sixty-six years… Continue reading

A Letter To My Younger Self

I am watching the 2008 TV mini-series “Sense & Sensibility.”  I’ve seen every version of “Sense & Sensibility” I know to exist.  Each is beautiful in its own way.  Austen was an astute… Continue reading

Understanding Yourself: What Do You Want Next?

If you want to understand yourself better: What three upcoming movies do you most want to see? What three old movies would you most like to see again?  With whom? What three movie sequels,… Continue reading

Love Exists When It Flows

Advertising regularly suggests we would be happier if we could collect, consume, and control more. I don’t know if that is generally true. But with love . . . Love, like energy, may… Continue reading

The Common Good

Of course, you’ve heard of the term “the common good” before.    I have more often been a failure in my life than I have been a success. I have had trouble connecting… Continue reading

Congratulations To Brandi Carlile And Catherine Shepherd On Their Marriage

One of my favorite singers and musicians, Brandi Carlile, has married Catherine Shepherd.  They married in Boston, Massachusetts on September 15, 2012. Brandi posted this notice today for her Facebook friends: Hey everyone!  … Continue reading

When You Cannot Get It All Done, Recognize The Goodness In Your Half Effort

Many years ago, I was reading a “How To Succeed In Business” book.  The book had an anecdote about some very successful businessman who used to say:  “I succeeded by only working half days.” … Continue reading

Striving To Be More Than A Bit Player. Part 2 of 3

After I’d written the previous post in this series, by coincidence an opinion editorial appeared on the front page of, titled “On Being Nothing.” First, the title was overstated or misleading, maybe… Continue reading

If You Want It To Be That Way, Make It That Way

If you want sex to be sacred, treat it as sacred. If you want it to be light, be light. If you want your conversation to be sensitive, be sensitive. If you want… Continue reading

One More Criticism

Are you ever in a quandary, trying to decide whether or not to express a criticism to a person close to you?  When something bothers you, what checklist do you use to decide whether… Continue reading

Is Your World A Stage?

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts”     ~ Shakespeare, from… Continue reading

What Makes You Special?

What do you do that makes you special?  Are you a good listener?  Are you witty?  Are you good with calculations?  Problem solving?  Do you laugh easily?  Are you pleasant just to be… Continue reading

The Increasing Unimportance Of Competition

Politicians, from time to time, tell us how US students have dropped to like 28th in a comparative list of nations when it comes to Math and Science aptitudes.  I’m not sure the general… Continue reading

Your Facebook Ratios And What They May Say About You

Would you like to have an inexact measure of your traits and patterns as a friend? If someone could hand you a written print out, showing you how you tend to relate to… Continue reading