Edvard Munch, “The Kiss”, Part 1 of 2

Artworks by Edvard Munch:


(Click on the images if you wish to view them individually.)





Here are 2 posts of Munch and another artist’s work for comparison:



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8 thoughts on “Edvard Munch, “The Kiss”, Part 1 of 2

  1. Hello people. I’m anna, I’m italian and I don’t speak very well english. But I’ve got a little question to ask about “the kiss”. Are the pictures parts of the same munch’s work? Or are they just different pictures with the same name? I’m searching an answer on the web but I really don’t find anything. Can you answer? Please. If you can, send me an email. My email address is anna.m93(at)hotmail.it. Oh, I really love this web site. It’s amazing and really wonderful. Thanks. Anna

    – – – –

    OneMoreOption: Thank you for your kind words. I believe the different versions of Munch’s The Kiss are different versions he created through his creative process. Sometimes artists create duplicates intentionally, but more often they create drafts along the way to work on visual ideas, composition, and more. Anna, your English is excellent.


  2. thanks for posting these – i am desperately searching for the title of the last munch – the man on his own – can’t find it anywhere do you know what it’s called?

    – – – –

    OneMoreOption: Thank you. You’re welcome. I do not know the title.


    • the last image is titled “kiss by the window” and he’s not alone. its just a different angle of the same couple kissing as in the previous images.


  3. I actually find the final Kiss ((beside the window) the most erotic. Uhh- maybe the first drawing is just as expressive. Munch was a master. Pity he wasn’t happier.


  4. What is the name of the first picture of the woman and the skeleton? I have been searching for this image forever, and can’t seem to find it anywhere?


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