Abstinence Posters

Artworks Promoting Avoiding Sexual Contact:

Abstinence posters:

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I hate the above type of thinking.  It is so unforgiving.  It is so backward, male-dominated, and controlling.  And it is untrue.   I’m against people evaluating themselves and others with concepts of “purity,” where purity is defined as having ‘fewer’ or ‘one’ rather than many.  When I hear “pure,” it conjures of racist ideas like “Aryan,” exclusive, and undiversified. 


Women are not gifts to be unwrapped only once or they become spoiled – like a carton of milk.  Women are not “unwrapped” simply because they’ve had sexual relations.  They are not lessened because they are not virgins.  Women are far more beautiful and complex.


Huh?  What?  I’m not against periods of abstinence, but promoting abstinence like it’s a cure-all is kind of like suggesting controlled periods of starvation is the way to treat all forms of eating disorders, from anorexia to obesity.

pregnan.jpg herpe.jpg dfgdfgk.jpg babie.jpg

I’m no promotional professional, but I’m not sure the best way to promote anti-sexual contact messages is with photographs focused centrally on snuggly fit T-shirts across young women’s breasts.

abstom.jpg abstinence.jpg oral.jpg 

117.jpg 42571271.jpg

Why did I make this post?  Someone reading this blog regularly may get the mistaken impression that modern culture is fairly forward and open thinking in its discussion of sexual issues.  It’s important to be reminded of the religious and cultural ideologies that are still prevalent.  A lack of education can lead to great harm.  So, I try to inform the debates. 

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