Responding To A Few Recent Comments

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Susan Kraker & Pi Ware’s Solitude – What Solitudes Do We Choose?

This blog received this comment today, from a visitor named Steve, about the actress Mary Thornton:

“I’ve come to your blog looking into Mary Thornton while in the process of being blown away by her in “Midnight Clear” (in the middle of it I had to exit to find out more about her).  She is quite something.  Very strong, believable presence and like you said, wonderfully understated . . . held back.”  ~ Steve.

Here is the trailer for the movie “Midnight Clear:”

Here is Mary Thornton’s page:

OneMoreOption:  Yes, her work is professional, gravitational, and true.  Those of us who’ve seen her films are both lucky and fortunate.  Acting is not about parroting.  It is not simply impersonation.  It is not simply emulation.  It is not simply being charismatic or energetic.  The more human experience and understanding an actor has, the more likely they will be able to know a character and convey the ideas and emotions of the author, the ensemble, and the character to an audience.  Mary Thornton knows a great deal and is an exceptional actor.

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From the post:

Katherine Cathey and 2nd Lt. James J. Cathey. Todd Heisler’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographic Series

Dawn wrote:

I have been mourning for Mrs. Cathey since I saw the picture of her laying beside the coffin of her husband . . . I even used the picture as my backgound desktop on my computer for quite awhile.  I had never been moved so much by a photograph.  I wish her and baby son well and I hope in time a return to happiness.

OneMoreOption:  I also wish them well and am moved by the photographs.  It is amazing that Mrs. Cathey allowed them to be taken and that all involved had the courage to publish them.

– – – –

From the post:

The Art of Rebellion

Ashley wrote: 

“My suggestion is that artists have often done what is “unacceptable,” not simply because it was “unacceptable” or “sensational,” but rather possibly because they had important social ideas they wanted to communicate to the public.”

A more likely explanation is that artists know that they audience wants to see attractive young naked people in a context where the audience doesn’t have to feel guilty about looking at porn.

OneMoreOption:  I hear you, and you may be right.  I have been wrong about so many things.

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