Responding To A Request From The Colorado Art Ranch

A representative from the Colorado Art Ranch sent me this thoughtful email:


I just discovered your wonderful site and blog.  I wonder if you can
recommend some artists whose work explores sexuality.  Colorado Art
Ranch is hosting a public symposium on sexuality in the arts, “Sex and
Sensibility,” in Trinidad, Colorado in the fall of 2009.  I’d appreciate
any help you can give.


~ end of email ~

– – – –


First, thank you kindly for considering my opinion.  Here is a list of living artists whose artworks appear to me to be exploring “sex and sensibility” or “sexuality” more than simply “eroticism” or “beauty.” 

This list is not comprehensive, and my apologies to the hundreds of artists I should have included on this list.  I’ve excluded some very famous artists most everyone is already familiar with (like Alice Walker, Annie Leibovitz, John Currin, Bruce Weber, Nan Goldin, etc.).  I’ve tried to group the artists roughly by the primary medium I’m familiar with their work in.  Where possible, there is a link to a previous post done about that artist:

Graphic Arts

Bechdel, Alison – “Fun Home”

Calle, Celia

Clowes, Daniel

Doyle, Katherine

Gurewitch, Nicholas

Harmon-Scott, Jenny

Henry, Elizabeth

Hernandez, Gilbert
Hernandez, Jaime

Jean, James 

Jones, Joelle – “12 Reasons Why I Love Her”

Moore, Terry
Moore, Terry – “Strangers in Paradise” & “Echo” 

Pekter, Joshua

Ramonède, Xavier

Sale, Tim

Simmonds, Posy


Vanyda – The Building Opposite

Wright, Stephen


– – – –


Avolare (Katie West)

Bentley, Lauren – aka Cinema Cowgirl

Brittany (dirtyfeet)

Bruner, Shauntel

Maggie *Le Chat*
Dwyer, Meghan Adriel

Edgar, Ray

express train

Greenfield, Lauren

Hang, Christian

Howard-Taylor, Lucy (Also an author)

Humphries, Julian (allegory in red)

Isaacs, Gary



Let’s Explode

lydiannacat, The

Nurk, Kaarel

Perseval, Maury




Southard, Daniel “d.composed”

Sterns, Will

Tahan, Elias

Usovik, Sergey

Zen Rhino

Zija, Zosia

– – – –


Berg, Elizabeth

Fuller, Janice Moore 

Ishiguro, Kazuo

Rich, James S.

– – – –


Cody, Diablo

Kaplan, Susan 

Kraker, Susan

Ware, Pi

– – – – 

If anyone would like more information about the ColoradoArtRanch, here is one of their web pages:

I hope the information above is helpful,


– – – –

Most Recent Artworks   All the Artists’ Artworks Index   my43things

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