Roger Ebert – Self Portrait 2006 – Day Before Surgery


The above photo is a self-portrait created by Roger Ebert in 2006, the day before he went in for cancer surgery to have parts of his jaw permanently removed.

If you were going to have facial surgery that would forever change the structure and appearance of your face and your expressions, would you take a self portrait on that day?

Roger did.



What expressions or compositions would you choose if it was the last day?

For more information about Roger Ebert, visit his excellent online journal.  He also posted a 2008 post-surgery photo in the journal entry linked below:

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© All rights reserved by Roger Ebert.

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2 thoughts on “Roger Ebert – Self Portrait 2006 – Day Before Surgery

  1. wonderfull!

    Me gustan mucho las imágenes,
    los textos no los comprendo muy bien
    porque mi inglés es básico, pero
    puedo decir que las fotografías son
    preciosas. De verdad me gusta mucho.

    – – – –

    Roughly Translated:

    I really like images,
    texts do not quite understand
    because my English is basic, but
    I can say that the photographs are
    precious. I really like it.

    OneMoreOption: Gracias


  2. @ Carolina Avellaneda
    8:00 PM CST

    …Just checked out your amazing blog…no habla Espanuel…(can’t spell either !)

    Tried to enter a couple notes on two images, not certain that they made it !



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