unexpectedtales and imogen

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The photographic artworks in this post are by the artist known as unexpectedtales on Flickr.

© All rights reserved by unexpectedtales.

The following are images by unexpectables I have favorited.  Click on a thumb to connect to unexpectedtales’ series on Imogen.  As you can see, most of these are of Imogen.

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The artist unexpectedtales is new to me.

Some photographers ask their models to contort their bodies into stretching, extended, and unnatural poses.  Unexpectedtales generally does not.  I don’t know whether unexpectedtales is a man or woman, but I’m going to guess a man, and therefore refer to a “him.”

Often his best portraits intelligently use natural light.  He sometimes unnecessarily backs his models up against walls.  Often his better compositions allow for an interesting depth of view behind the subject, giving the viewer a sense of space and not making the subject feel visually confined.

He has a magic chemistry with Imogen.  As with any artistic coupling, it’s hard to tell from where the source of the chemistry comes.

With Imogen, there is a genuine question of:  Who is the artist?

Unexpectedtales doesn’t regularly ask his models to smile, and there are only a few images of Imogen toward full smile.  As with any chemistry, it’s hard to say how the two artists decide together the boundaries of expression.

This portfolio of images with Imogen is lightning in a bottle, capturing a model in her prime.  Time will pass, but these images will remain priceless.

I’ve never met Imogen, but she has undeniable poise, balancing attraction, enticement, and restraint.  She takes modeling seriously and is willing to be remembered without make-up.  When she looks at a camera, she has a sense of how she wants to be remembered.  She’s a photographer’s dream, patient with the time-consuming processes.

I wish all women could find a co-conspirator photographer to capture their expressiveness, sense of fashion, balance and design.  I’m confident this creative process has taught Imogen even more about her personal visual preferences and presentations – more than I’ll ever know or understand.

I admire Imogen’s bravery.  Any woman is self conscious.  For Imogen to willingly and repeatedly walk out on the plank, that is omnipresent in close-quarters photography, is courageous.  For her to be willing to look into the camera with full, honest gaze is a difficult and intentional act.  There is something in her expression that proudly and quietly communicates:  I exist and there’s nothing any single other person can do to devalue who I choose to be.

Sometimes the world is blessed when certain people meet each other.  Some people think “great matches” or “great loves” are created when two people are ideal for each other and they meet each others’ needs.  I have a different theory.  I think “great loves” and “great matches” exist when their chemistry creates wonderful things for each other and for everyone else around them.

Unexpectedtales and Imogen are artistic gifts to each other.  And all of us are better off from their combined work.

This photo has lighting sensibilities Rembrandt would admire.

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If you value the work, time, and craftsmanship that went into making these artworks, it’s fine to tell me about, but first I’d encourage you to go to unexpectedtales’ Flickr site and leave him a note, letting him know what you appreciate about his work.

Thank you Imogen and unexpectedtales for your consistent work.

~ OneMoreOption

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For regular readers and writers:  Tomorrow there will be a new post.

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3 thoughts on “unexpectedtales and imogen

  1. Good article. I agree, this photographer deserves credit, and he has a special chemistry with Imogen. I have been following the ssries for some time now on Flickr, and it has a magic of its own.


  2. any photographer worth his salt can produce many good images of different subjects……try taking many good images of one subject….now that ,as my ol’ grandad used to say…”that’ll sort the shit form the clay “…..very sensitive, playful, sensuous subtle and thoughtful studies of a model whose chemistry with the image-maker lingers in every languid look at camera….these images are just accessible enough to us “gifted ” amateurs to make us think we could take them…that we are there .


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