Guys, Don’t Get Too Excited Or Distracted, You’re Primarily Here To Help Women Be Safer And Happier

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Guys, Don’t Get Too Excited Or Distracted, You’re Primarily Here To Help Women Be Safer And Happier

  ~ by OneMoreOption

Men are so stupid.  They get all riled up and focused on the stupidest of concerns.  They spend years and write volumes on the most ancillary of things.  Sideshows.  Distractions.  They wage wars in allegiance to misguided and cruel principles.

Men, you’re primarily here to help women be safer and happier.

You blokes can’t do anything interesting without the women.  If it was just you guys, the world would be an ugly, dying mess.  Without the women, there would be no creation and little kindness or sensitivity.   

Women are the source, not just of creation, but of inspiration and joy.  Oh, sure guys can do some things.  But without the ladies, we’re just asteroids adrift, with no orbit and no systemic purpose.

Some people might read the title to this post and think:  Women don’t need men to help keep them safe and happy.  Can’t women do those things for themselves?  Yes, probably.  At least many of them.  It sometimes amazes me that women even bother with men – for all the trouble men constantly cause – for all the constant work & worry men require and stir up.

Men, I’m talking to you idiots.  When you get into one of your “ethical crucibles,” the next time you find yourself getting your dander up in one of your “really important” and heated dilemmas:  Deflate your balloon and ask yourself:  Could my actions and choices possibly help women be happier and safer in the future?  If the answer is “no,” then consider one of two things: 

1)  You may be on the wrong side of the issue, and

2)  The issue may not be nearly as important as you perceive.

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For regular readers and writers:  I don’t know where I find inspiration to keep going at the rate I write.  The last few Fridays and Saturdays, when I’ve finished creating a post a day for five days in a row for several weeks, I’ve come to the end of the week and thought:  I don’t think I have anything in the well, and maybe I should take next week off.  But then, something arises in my mind that bothers me into action.

I watched “Made in Dagenham” this week – excellent film.

My brain disturbs me just often enough to get me up on a soapbox five times a week.  I’ll probably run out of gas soon.  But I’ll keep going as long as my subconscious keeps slipping me notes from the edge.  You can’t cut anything without an edge.

Why am I telling you this?

If you’re an artist and you don’t feel compelled to create, then don’t beat yourself up about it.  If you don’t have the inspiration, then don’t try to replace that healthy drive with guilt

Creators will find the inspiration to create. 

If you don’t naturally have more inspiration, that’s just fine.  Whenever you feel guilt is driving you, question the motivation.  Life is better spent chasing carrots.

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5 thoughts on “Guys, Don’t Get Too Excited Or Distracted, You’re Primarily Here To Help Women Be Safer And Happier

  1. Are you living inside my head? I often tell women, “I’ll be glad when you all take over and clean up the mess we macho idiots have made.” Thanks for being here. Don’t stop, please.

    Another note: Watched “Jack Goes Boating” last night. Great movie. Thank you. May I recommend “Antonia’s Line?”

    – –

    Mark: Bill, thank you for the kind feedback. I have not seen “Antonia’s Line”, the 1995 Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Film, but I have added it to my Netflix queue.


  2. If women ruled the world I think we would see that they can be leaders who are just as lousy as men. The rise to the top is done by aggressive, competitive people. However, I would vote for Hilary.

    Your post made me think about how male and female are needed to make a fun world. Let’s have fun.

    – –

    Mark: Thank you. You’re probably correct. I’ve often thought how women have largely quietly acquiesced or actively supported the foolish pursuits of men.


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