Strong, Frequent Sexual Drives And A Love For Reason And Learning

Since 2006, this blog has more often been about making uncommonly good information and artworks more visible.  It has less often been about providing visual titillation.  This is neither good nor bad.  If it had been more often about providing visually arousing images, that would have been fine.

I write about sexuality because sex, physical intimacy, and sexual arousal have been extremely important to me throughout my adolescent and adult life.  On an almost daily basis I delight and look forward to orgasm or sexual intimacy.  I enjoy the many facets.  Approaching them, I’m like a young person, watching the first time a woman undresses before him and for him.  That thrill has never dulled in me.  Because I revel in it, I have at times had trouble understanding others who do not.

The amount of energy and enthusiasm I still have is probably considered silly by some.  Why would I still delight in simply watching a woman undress?  What does that signify in my conscious and subconscious thoughts?  I don’t know the full answer to that question, but considering how much I’ve thought about such things and investigated them, I’m very glad they still please me.

Part of the reason this blog exists is to combat the prudery and anti-arousal sentiments that are still so pervasive and common in American culture.  Sexuality and sexual expressions are probably as open and publicized as they have been in the last several hundred years.  But mainstream culture often still sends messages that serious discussions “should be” kept separate from discussions and presentations about human sexual drives.  I’ve never been able to capably or honestly understand one without the other.

I smile every day, looking forward to physical arousal.  I don’t know what I’d do in the absence of that anticipation.  I’ve known people who had low sexual appetites, or who pursued sexual or physical arousal either rarely or never.  Sometimes these people often appeared depressed or subdued.  Sometimes they appeared clearly content.  Either way, I cannot relate to their perspectives and internal motivations, because I have such frequent, strong, and pleasant sexual drives.

I don’t think people should feel ashamed about their strong sexual drives.  So, through my writing and work, I live by example, trying to show that reason, intellect, and sexuality can be strong in the same person, and the strength of a person’s reason can strengthen their sexual pleasures.  And the pleasures they experience from their frequent and strong sexual pursuits can empower and inform their reason and mental well-being.  Those two core aspects, reason and sexual desire, in human beings should not be perceived as adversarial, but rather as complimentary and important, if not essential in many people.

If you love sex, I encourage you to find as many ways as you can to continue enjoying sex.  If you love learning, I encourage you to find as many ways as you can to continue learning.

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If you’d like to be a writer, do you want to know one indication that may let you know you may be smart enough to write something interesting?  When you come to the realization that you never want to stop learning, that you’ll never stop reading and searching for other optional answers to your questions – that may be an indication you may know enough to have something worth saying.

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