Brie Lybrand YouTube Messages Her Father, Who She Claims Raped Her Regularly Between The Ages Of 4 And 13

Have you ever tried to understand the first hand feelings and experiences of someone who was raped?  Would you be better off to understand the perspective of someone who was molested throughout their childhood?  Would it inform your opinions – to understand the mindset of someone who was tortured when they could not fight back?

Brie Lybrand is a YouTube vlogger, who usually posts videos about hair styling, make-up, and fashion.  Her latest video above tells of her suffering, being regularly sexually tied up and raped by her father, Steven Bressler (spelling?).  She accuses her father of recently subscribing to her YouTube channel.

By re-posting Ms. Lybrand’s video, I’m neither condoning nor condemning her actions or responses.  But I believe it is valuable to consider her expressions, ideas, legitimate feelings, and demeanor.  All great art has great purposes.

In the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Season 13 (the 2011 season), in the episode “True Believers,” an episode where a young female musician accuses a man of raping her.  Her accused rapist is not found guilty at trial and is released.  Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay’s character), tries to console the upset accuser, telling the alleged rape victim that healing begins when someone bears witness to the crimes perpetrated against them.

We live in a social media age where it’s foolish for any person to think they can do things in the dark, behind closed doors with other people, and expect those actions to stay hidden forever.

I don’t like abuse.  And I don’t like threats of violent retribution.  But these horrible things still happen in our world.  And I hope the average person’s awareness that social media exists (and that things done in secret cannot be easily hidden, swept under the rug, or forgotten) may improve the quality and ethics of individuals’ actions.

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