Your Life Will Tend To Expand Or Contract In Proportion To Your Designs And Priorities

Imagine Lennon

Do you wish your life’s story included a great romance as one of its storylines?  Really?  Then what great efforts did you do today toward maintaining, nurturing, or growing a great romance?  What did you do today?

“Making miracles is hard work.  Most people give up before they happen.” 
   ~ Sheryl Crow in her song “Maybe That’s Something”

Are you ever frustrated because you spend so much of your daily time doing mundane, small tasks?  Have you ever ventured to do something large in scale or effect?

Personally, I’d rather be a notorious failure, having tried to move mountains, than to be someone who was super successful at something ordinary.  That’s just my personal preference.

Do you wish you were a part of a great movement?  Then move.  Find the movement and move with it.

Closets are for people who are not proud of who they are.  Closets are for people who don’t believe in themselves or their own ideas.  If you want to test and refine your ideas, there’s no better place to get feedback than to put your ideas into public discussions.

Do you wish your hours of daily work contributed toward something more than just a paycheck?  Then work for hours every day on something you think counts.

If you think your life is sucks, then become a positive force of change.

Become that which you seek.

If your life is smaller than you would like, the first thing to ask yourself is:  Am I keeping is small by my design and priority choices?  Do I want it to be larger?  Do I want to be connected to more?

– –

What does it take to be a part of a great love relationship?

I don’t know if many people understand the amount of concentration and focus it takes to be a part of a great love relationship.

When you wake up in the morning, do you immediately think about all the people close to you?  Do you make regular “to do” lists, working each day for the benefit of those close to you?  Do you try to improve the lives of everyone close to you?  Yes?  No?

Would the world be a better place if each of us just tried to personally care for one more person?  What if you regularly sought the well-being and benefit of just one more person?  Even if that trend didn’t spread, even if it didn’t change the world, would it improve your world?  I don’t know, but it is a worthwhile question to ask yourself.

For me personally, every day I review a written list of the names of everyone close to me.  There are 6 (more if you count their spouses) people who I mentally ask myself each day:  Is there something I can do to improve their emotional, financial, sensory, or any other facet of their well-being?  There are additional people for whom I ask the questions regularly, but not every day.

Should I ask myself that question each day?  I don’t know.  But I think it adds value to our lives for me to attempt to improve their lives.  Do I wish they’d do the same for me?  No, I don’t ask any of them to do that much for me.  Most of them have already done enough for me.  Some have done more than I could ever repay.  But most of us have people like that in our lives.  Do you ask yourself or do something every day to improve those people’s lives?  Why not?  Do you feel you deserve the benefits they’ve given you, but you don’t need to repay them?

What kind of social world do you want to live in?  Imagine it.  Make it a reality through your individual and coordinated efforts with others.

Every day.

Some of the best work you may ever do will not be related to your day job.  It will come from your daily intelligent and creative efforts to improve the social world and peace of mind of everyone around you.

If you think the social world around you sucks or is flawed, then that may be because you’re not working every day to make it something dramatically better. 

No one gets to coast through relationships.  No one gets to just receive great love.  If you want to be a part of great loves, you’ll likely need to make great, concentrative efforts toward that end every day.  If you are 2/3 through your day, and you have not yet thought about and communicated to your loved ones how you’re working with them to make each other’s life better – then you’re probably not excelling in your close social relationships.

How you spend your days is how you spend your life.  If you want your life to be about how your close social community worked together each day to make each other’s lives better, then you’ll probably need to spend hours toward that pursuit every day.

– –

On another topic . . .

As an attorney, I want to say Antonin Scalia is an idiot when he equates the moral objections to murder with the moral objections to homosexuality.  How does a person with such a lack of empathy and intelligence get appointed to the US Supreme Court?  Murder is clearly an act that does great harm – it irrevocably steals a life, steals a person from their family and community.  In strong contrast, homosexuality is a positive choice by one person to love another person – there is no theft or harm involved.  If anything, it is often a choice to love, where others do not love.  It is an act of giving, not taking.

– –

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One thought on “Your Life Will Tend To Expand Or Contract In Proportion To Your Designs And Priorities

  1. Well, first of all, I want to say that your posts and articles are, all together, collectively, among the best things i have read in different people-focused columns and sites. You produce great ideas and express them very well.

    Secondly, “LIFO” – last-in-first-out – I agree wholeheartedly with your “PS” comment about that “loser” Scalia and his totally screwed-up mindset.
    (1) He does not get the point about Love is Love is Love. The key things are
    (a) that no matter how people may change in a relationship, that the love should not turn into its opposite, and
    (b) that it absolutely does not matter if the love-ers who come together (physically and sexually or not-so, depending on their relationship and feelings) happen to be M-F, M-M, F-F, or any combination including sometimes more than just two.
    And how anyone (Anyone!) can associate something that is Love-generating with something like murder, or any other violence toward a human or any living being, is to me a sign of Mental Disease. and read in that, “dis-ease.” Instability. Wrong foundations. Bad inputs from the early age and upbringing, and pushed further by fears, inadequacies, and “being politically correct.”
    Now, to your main essay. I have nothing to add, it is so well expressed already! I am going to share it with some friends. My only comment is that in some cases and periods of one’s life, Even Though one is living with this mindset, this “soul-set”, there can be times when – as I have recently been experiencing (but trying to be patient about) there is nobody around, nobody who is a “kindred spirit” with whom to Share the Adventure and the Love.

    I/we can attribute that – and i am sure it is the case and experience for a lot of us – to many things, including “not doing enough ourselves” to “being in the wrong place, time, etc.”

    But it also seems that there is a climatic condition of the world these days with respect to how people act and allow love to be or not, just as there are seasons and cold fronts, storm fronts, etc. with the physical weather. Many people seem to have either “given up” or else they are extremely focused on the outward signs and appearances of wealth and success. There seem to be fewer people who are thinking and wanting to live like you (and I would say also myself, and hopefully a lot of others even though we may not know them) try to live each day.

    – –

    Mark: Thank you for sharing your detailed ideas and considerate feedback.


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