You Get To Choose Your Instruments

Brandon Witzel 2013

And you get to choose how your instruments are played.

If you want your life’s work to be an instrument of enduring love, you will likely receive enduring love in return.

If you want your life to be an instrument of giving pleasure, you will likely receive pleasure in return.

If you want your life to be an instrument of kindness or education, you will likely receive kindness and education in return.

The world tends to reciprocate back to you in the fashion you regularly and consistently flow outward into the world. 

This is not a great mystery.  Healthy and loving forces tend to balance and return pleasantries in like proportion.  The forces have to be seen and received in order for reciprocation to occur.  Strong forces, unseen or unheard in a vacuum, tend not to receive reciprocation.

Great lovers tend to receive great love in return.

Great givers tend to receive great gifts in return.

– –

I’m visiting my father in California tonight.  I was asking myself this question today: 

How did my father create so many good things for so many people around him?

And the answer came back to me clearly:  Every day he planned and worked to create many good things for many people around him. 

He achieved what he pursued.  Maybe more importantly (or at least more beneficially), he made sure his pursuits were large and aimed to benefit many people.

One of the possible problems I see with many people is:  they aim small.  Often people reach their goals, but their goals were so small, helping so few people, they ended up spending a great deal of time and energy creating little benefit for maybe only themself and few others around them.

Sometimes it’s better to strive to help many people in many ways . . . and to fall short of your goals, than it is to set small goals that help only a few . . . and achieve those small goals.

Your life tends to become as large or as small as you shape and design it. 

If you don’t like how small your life and social circles and social attachments are – then maybe a question to ask yourself is:  Did I aim to make it this size?  Should I have tried to help more people in more ways?

If you don’t like that people have not remained loyal to you – then maybe a question to ask yourself is:  With how many people did I remain loyal?  Should I have tried to remain loyal to more people, even if that meant some of them would not remain loyal to me?

In life, you get to choose how your life will be used as an instrument.  You get to choose how you’ll be used and the songs you’ll play.  You can choose to be a small flute, only heard by the birds and trees in the deep woods.  Or you can strive to be many instruments, an orchestra on display in a public theater.  The choices are yours. 

If you don’t think your life is instrumental enough, then make yourself into a different instrument on a different stage.

That’s enough for today.  I’ll discuss related ideas tomorrow.

– –

The artwork atop this page is by Brandon Witzel. © All rights reserved by Brandon Witzel.

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One thought on “You Get To Choose Your Instruments

  1. I agree with your thoughts here.
    I’ve consciously kept my circle small, mainly because my mind is so full with thoughts that too many people just create dissonance.
    But the people I let in I’m loyal to and they respond in kind.

    – –

    Mark: Thank you for your kind feedback over the last few years.

    As your comment may imply, more or larger are not always better.


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