Something Beautiful. Something Valuable. Something Novel. #1

Something Beautiful . . .

Hannes Caspar 2013

This photograph is by Hannes Caspar.  © All rights reserved by Hannes Caspar.

– –

Something Valuable . . .

You May Not Be Able To Develop Midas’ Touch, But You Can Develop Midas’ Eyes

Great assets are sometimes made, but more often they are found through an intelligent ability to recognize worth where others do not see worth.

Your greatest assets will be the allies you recognize in the people who cross your paths, people whose chemistry works well with yours, people who have underappreciated and under-used talents, skills, and value.

So often, thousands of people walk by, never recognizing the most valuable people around them.

Don’t wish for Midas’ Touch.  Wish and work to develop Midas’ Eyes.

– –

Something Novel . . .

We Live In A World Where It Is No Longer Possible To Control The Message

We live in a world with literally millions of data sources.  Only 50 years ago, most people got “news” pushed to them from only a few sources:  a local newspaper, a local library, some magazines, and 3 network TV channels.  Now with internet access, video streaming, cable channels, and more, there is no conceivable way of either controlling “the message” or creating a central authoritative news source.

A couple hundred years ago, when the major world religions ruled the world, they controlled the flow of ideas, the message, and communities interpretations of the world through a central religious text, interpreted by a heavily policed class of priests and church elders, with messages delivered through strictly-controlled pulpits and social hierarchies only a couple of times a week.

The world is completely different now.

Don’t waste your time trying to control the messages or the flow of information;  rather, seek to recognize the best things flowing around you, and if you like, share them with others.

– –

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