Windows 7 & 8 Come With Capable Speech Recognition Software. And A Solution To A WordPress / IE 9 & 10 “Text Tab” Saving Problem

WordPress Text Tab Saving Problem Internet Explorer IE 9 10

The purpose of this post is to help other WordPress writers.

First, I’m writing this post using speech recognition software that is included in both Windows 7 & 8. 

As one might expect, the speech recognition software takes some getting used to.  I didn’t know Windows had speech recognition software.  My son was kind enough to show me how to use it.  So, I thought I’d share the news with others.

As my son shared with me, the speech recognition software works best for taking dictation, but the editing is sometimes easier with traditional keyboard coordination.  Also, it helps to have a mute button on your headset microphone, so when you don’t want the computer to type what you’re saying to yourself, the computer doesn’t type what you are saying.  Also, when someone else walks into the room, it helps to hit the mute button so their words are not typed.

To find the speech recognition software, click “Start,” then type “speech recognition.”

Second, there is a bug I’ve discovered in writing frequent posts on WordPress:

Problem:  When doing many edits, sometimes the WordPress domain internet cookie gets programmed to cause the default view to revert to the “Text” tab view every time a new draft of a post is saved.  This can be very frustrating because, when writing, writers probably more often want to be in the “Visual” tab view.

This conflict arises between the latest generation of WordPress software and the latest Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10.

Solution:  As best I can determine, the problem arises from an incorrect instruction that is somehow being saved to the WordPress cookie.  To eliminate the incorrect instruction, the WordPress cookie needs to be deleted.  I have not figured out “the one shortest path” to solving this issue each time it arises.

To resolve the issue, open the Internet Explorer tools menu, select “Internet Options,” General Tab.  You can start by deleting the various cookies.  But I have found I need to open “Settings” to “View Files,” to see the folder where the cookies are stored.  I then manually delete the cookies.  Then I exit all open Internet Explorer windows.  Often, when I restart Internet Explorer, the problem is solved.  Other times, I have to do those steps more than once.

While the solution I have outlined above is neither simple nor graceful, it eventually resolves the problem.  And if you’ve ever experienced the problem, even a clumsy solution is better than no solution.

I hope this information is helpful.

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