A Request For A Co-Writer For A Fiction Novel Series

“What is the message behind the message?”

I have a request:

I would enjoy attempting to write a fiction novel series, but I don’t think I want to do it alone.  So, if you are a writer who thinks they might enjoy attempting to write a complex narrative series of novels with me, please email me at:  snoopy_jump@yahoo.com (an underscore between snoopy and jump).

– –

With whom would I like to attempt to write?

I wish I could say the bar is low and anyone can inquire, but I fear that may lead to disappointing each other, and I don’t wish to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

As with many writers, my writing could benefit from a co-writer who is extremely well-read, educated, highly-intelligent, and kind.  Already having a male perspective, I’d benefit from feminine points of view, sensibilities, and priorities.  But a male co-writer could also be excellent.

– –

Why am I looking for a co-writer instead of going it alone?

As with real life, I’m a social.  I choose to be daily interactive with others, and as a result, I am interdependent on others’ choices.  I like living in not-fully-defined and not-fully-controlled environments,  I like not being the sole writer of how the story might end.

Further, I hear my voice 24-hrs each day, and that’s plenty.  In the projects I work at, I prefer to listen to other voices.

– –

What kind of fiction series?

I’ve probably read as many articles on the art of writing as I have read novels.  I remember a piece of advice that went something like this:  A great story should be convertible from one genre or setting into another.

While that advice may or may not be true, there is probably some central truth to it. 

Because I’m proposing a joint-venture, I expect I will not be the person to solely define the genre, plot-resolutions, characters’ actions, etc.  So, I don’t know the specific genre.

I expect the genres could be as diverse as sci-fi, modern, fantasy, or romance.  Mixed-genre is also a likelihood.  I suspect the genre may be found in the overlap of the co-writers’ strengths.

– –

How many books in the series?

Some people probably start a series of fiction books, thinking:  This will be a trilogy.  However, I may be different in that I would likely arc storylines to resolve within a certain-number-of-books, but as with life, I don’t think at the beginning I will have high confidence how or when the story will end.

– –

What kind of narrative writer am I?

I’m not sure.  For starters, I’m a writer that is not so in love with my point of view that I want to write from only my point of view.  I like projects that come from multiple, cooperative, and competing voices. 

What are my sensibilities, priorities, and ideas?  Those can be found on this blog.  Reading posts here should give others a sense of many of my artistic priorities.

– –

Some procedural considerations and courtesies

As with other important areas of real life, I like having more than one option.  I think people tend to make better choices when they don’t feel confined or constrained.  So, whether or not someone attempts to write with me, I’ll probably continue to post this request as an endnote to my posts here for the next year.

Additionally, as with other worthwhile ventures, I’m pursuing this one on several fronts, making similar requests on other writers’ forums.  Solutions are often found by taking multiple paths simultaneously.

– –

What would it be like to work with me?

I’d probably be smarter to suggest I would be easy to work with.  However, I’m guessing many people would have difficulty working with me.  For example, if you go back through previous posts, it might be difficult to find many spelling or grammatical errors (on this “casual blog” edited by me).  If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well and thoroughly.  I pursue excellence in style and form – whether or not I come close to it. 

Further, I’m a reviser by nature, endlessly working to refine and improve everything around me.  If I find an error on a post I wrote 4 years ago, I’ll immediately correct it.  So, if that kind of persona would be difficult to work with, other collaborators might be better for you.

Why would someone want to work with me?

I don’t pretend to know or understand the possible reasons.  Conceding what I don’t know, I can say this:

As evidenced by my writing this blog regularly for the last 7 years, I am someone who sticks with artistic pursuits.  I keep my promises and follow through.  Many things that are worth doing are worth doing for a long time.

– –

As with all my posts, I’ll probably make additions to this post in the future.  So, if you want to follow this post, as it changes, you might bookmark it (or “delicious” it, or “like” it, or whatever other adjective-or-noun-that’s-used-as-a-verb to reference some amazing online indexing software).

If this offer does not interest you, but you might know someone to whom it might be of interest, if you’d like, please forward this post to them.

– –

“Sometimes really interesting stories come from real, developing stories.”

– –

For regular readers: Thank you for the several new Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress Follows.  I appreciate the kindness of each one.

I’ll make this promise to regular readers:  On Labor day, next year, I’ll write another post on what, if anything, came of this writing endeavor.  ~ Thank you,  Mark.

– –

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One thought on “A Request For A Co-Writer For A Fiction Novel Series

  1. Mark…Have you read any of the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child novels…especially the “Pendergast” series…??…Arguably the best writing team on the contemporary scene…

    – –

    Mark: No, I have not. But thank you for the recommendation. I can see from the number of reviews on Amazon that the books interest many readers.


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